Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Where are you, my dearest sun? Your absence has put me through many miserable months, spent half lethargically, and half in close contact with high-calorie foods! I need your blessed rays back to shine on me and free me from my seasonal depression.
Or... You know what? I don't need you. I have these bright green pants. Go fudge yourself, you unfaithful celestial body!
See, I am happy without you, even if the wind blows in my face. Why? Because not only did I get my lusciously green pants on sale this weekend, but also a jacket (240 down to 60), a wallet (150 down to 40) and the very sweater which I paired those with (150 down to 40). By the way, all of these (and many more!) were totally reasonable and tasteful purchases, nothing of the usual desparate "OK, I have some money and it's the last day of sales... Hmmm, a happy squirrel and nut print on neon pink oversize jumper? Might totally work!" Just an adult woman making adult choices. Single-colored plain silhouette multi-purpose shirts super-cheap at Zara? Yes, please. Decorative black jacket with a golden baroque pattern? I'll take it! (And soon, I'll show it to you, too!)

The tag from the sweater showing? Well, I'd rather not, but...
OK, sun, I lied. I still want you back, frowny face.

Pull & Bear sweater
Pull & Bear pants
H&M shirt
H&M coat and scarf
CCC boots
River Island bag
& and that's it! Plain old, plain old winter stuff, you know.

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  1. So so adorable is your rant at the sun! I love love love it! These skinnies look so good and just waiting for spring around the corner! I hear you about the calories and boy have I been bad this winter!!! LOL!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme


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